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What Does It Mean to be a Children’s Book Author in the 21st Century? 

Prof. Joe Arthur or also known as “PoJo” has lived through some very dynamic and interesting times. Being born in the last days of the Baby Boom generation, Joe has seen the so-called ending of the Jim Crow laws, and the birth of the Civil Rights Movement. There were many groups of people longing to be liberated that included, but is not limited to: African Americans, Hispanic migrant farm workers, People of the First Nations, and even women.

Joe’s grandfather involved Joe in the fights to help these people. Joe also picked up the gauntlet and joined the fight to help the environment with his focus on the seas. It is said that in each generation a previously undiscovered people’s struggle for liberation is discovered and they deserve their rights and freedoms, so Joe also supports this additional group, the LGBTQ+ community.

It is Joe’s hope that his writing brings joy and understanding as together we celebrate the diversity of humanity and grow to support the environment that we, all of us do need and share. When we exploit people and other natural resources, it diminishes their capacities to contribute to the greater good; this hurts us all. When we haphazardly dispose of used byproducts, we do in fact create new and previously undiscovered hazards.

Joe believes that we need to conserve and celebrate what we have, and properly and responsibly deal with that, which was cast off so that the world may continue to yield positive and balanced growth for every one of us. The changes that Joe has witnessed and partaken in are continuing. Joe no longer wears the clothing of his youth, but he does remember the lessons of them and applies the lessons to what comes next.

So, what does it mean to be a children’s book author in the 21st century? It means to entertain in such a way that it motivates young people and their parents and guardians to learn, respect, and take personal responsibility, so that the world can be gifted to many generations to come in a good positive condition, and then…

After many years of teaching science in both high school and college, Prof. Joe Arthur is happily living in the wonderfully magical New England state of New Hampshire. Because of the Covid-19 Pandemic that created a major teacher shortage, Joe took himself out of retirement and has returned to teaching. Joe makes this sacrifice to help the youth of New Hampshire because that is also what it means to be a caring person in the 21st century.

In his free time, Joe still visits friends, does volunteer work, sails on Lake Winnipesaukee, Squam Lake, rides horses, does target archery, and visits zoos, museums and aquariums. Joe enjoys driving during all four magnificent and ever-changing seasons that make the Franconia Notch, and the White Mountains radiate with that natural beauty that brings joy and peace. Keep Love Alive.