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The Fabulous Fred Francis Farquhar the Fourth Went for a Walk (New Release!)

An insightful story by an imaginary dragon Dr. D. Dragon Davis

In this story, our hero, the Fabulous Fred Francis Farquhar the Fourth is given the opportunity to make a life-changing choice. This is the story of how he makes his choice. Do you agree with his choice? What would you have chosen? Remember that the history of our choices becomes the history of our life.

The Fabulous Fred Francis Farquhar the Fourth went for a walk
do you know your ABCs of the sea

Do You Know Your ABC’s of the Sea?

This is not your grandfather’s ABC book.

In this book we not only celebrate the human diversity of ‘The Sea Kids’ but also the diversity of the many kingdoms of life found in the sea. It is the hope of this book that you join in the efforts of ‘The Sea Kids’ in not only celebrating all of human diversity, but also choose to defend, support, and restore the living environment.

Do You Remember the Last Dragon of the Sea?

In this story—which is part of Prof. J. Arthur’s Sea Kids series—we find Mr. Marcus telling a story that was told to him not so long ago. It is the story of The Last Dragon of the Sea, or perhaps and hopefully it is not necessarily the very last one. In this story, Joe helps young people discover that most fears are not as bad as they are first thought to be and that we are never really as alone as we think we are.

Do you remember the last dragon of the sea?
What would you be if you lived under the sea?

What Would You Be If  You Lived Under the Sea?

A joyful adventure combining the discovery of the sea, and one’s self is found between the pages of this book. It all starts one day as we find our friend sitting by the water’s edge. He sees the reflection of a tree and the sun in the water. The reflection makes it look as if the tree and the sun are under the sea. “How can this be? The sun and tree can not be under the sea,” he asks himself.


Did I Ever Tell You About My Grandfather?

Between these covers are some of the challenges and obstacles that helped give might to Joe’s life. As Joe shares this quest and the lessons his grandfather shared with him, you too will have the opportunity to grow and learn how Joe used these very tools to forge a meaningful and valuable life. Often, when Joe shared these lessons, he would honor with gratitude the lessons from his mentor, guardian, and protector by asking, “Did I ever tell you about my grandfather?”

For reasons found in this book, a portion of the proceeds from the sale of all Joe Arthur’s writings go to the Association of Zoos and Aquariums, the Covenant House, the Native American Rights Fund, The NAACP, the USS Constitution Museum, and the World Wildlife Fund.

Did I ever tell you about my grandfather? Book